Turn left dummies last ride

 Here’s some pics



Here at RedNecksWithPaychecks Gonna get muddy
Ok everyone here are just a few pics from redneckswithpaychecks

 This is how we had to get in its so dam muddy out here

Send me your pics/videos

Hey everyone I know you’ve been out riding so send me some pics or videos you have and we will post them here they will also post onto Facebook as well oh and send the info on where you took the pick and we can add it to our maps page too

Site updates

Hi everyone I have been busy with the holidays and haven’t  been keeping up with the site sorry for that , I’m in the process of gathering all my pics and videos I have and putting them on a new server I’m building so its easier for me to locate them, so in the meantime pages may come and go as I do these updates so be patient with me. if you have already liked my FaceBook page you can login to my site , if you know of any parks send me the info and I will post it here and start building a map of locations, also send me your pics/vids  and I will post them here also